In the Dragon class Claus Høj Jensen has won many titles during the last 15 years. World Champion in Dragon in 1999, European Champion in 2005, and a 3rd. place in the World Championship in 2007, which proofs that Høj Jensen Sails is one of the top One Design brands in the world.


Mast Rake
The mast rake is meausered by first putting the forestay parallel with the mast. Mark the position of the top of the black band on the mast against the forestay.

Rake Setting
Mast rake setting is the distance between the mark on the forestay to the deck

Light conditions: 121 cm
Medium and Heavy conditions: 122 cm

The measurement is taken in a straight line across the deck between station mark No.4 from port to starboard.

Distance to mast: 82 cm
Distance to forestay: 104 cm

Shrouds Position
This measurement is also taken from Staion 4 (as in Mast Position). Take a measurement at a 90 angle down to the position of the shrouds.

Distance to Upper shrouds A: 81 cm
Distance to Lower shrouds B: 84 cm

Rig Tension

  Light conditionsMedium conditionsHeavy conditions
Lower Shrouds0712
Upper Shrouds121725

Please note that all tensions are taken with Loos Gauge model B, and that measure­ments are without plastic on lower shrouds and with plastic on upper shrouds.

Good Luck and enjoy your sailing.

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